Mutual Announcement from CETAD, TNPD and TPD

March 27, 2021 /

Trainer Manipulating His/Her Superiority from Information and Skills Hierarchy by Violating Sexual Borders Is a Kind of Sexual Violence

According to the World Health Organization, no matter what kind of a relationship a person has with another person, sexual violence is defined as an attempt of a person to have a sexual benefit or a power on another person; approaching to the person with a word, look or any sexual act, or behaviors such as pressure on sexuality of the person through social, psychological or physical power.

Sexual harassment, which is a form of sexual violence, refers to sexual words, attitudes and other ways of behavior including harassments that are attempted without physical contact, out of consent of person and are not continuous. Sexual harassment is a form of gender-based violence that is faced frequently, causes individuals to lose their rights in employment and education, leads to violation of human rights and has an adverse impact both physically and psychologically.

Trainer and trainee relationship is a scientific contact which has strict codes of conduct, imposes obligations on trainer and is required to be maintained in favor of trainee. Instructor manipulating his/her superiority from information and skills hierarchy by violating sexual borders is a kind of sexual violence. Ignoring, simplifying sexual violence or treating it as an ordinary subject of investigation not only damages the academy, but also makes the crime widespread and encourages the offender.

In this respect, a person who is in the managerial/educational position in an entity and investigated or judged with an assertion of sexual harassment or intimidation or charged for these acts must be prevented from working in the same entity or a similar position.

For all entities, there is an urgent need to establish special boards aiming to fight against any form of gender-based violence and sexual harassment and to evaluate and follow intimidation, harassment and loss of academic rights associated with them and where all people working in the entity are represented and individuals experienced in ethics and law are also entitled.

It is required to establish special units and boards in all entities providing training and service to provide a channel to enable to make evaluations and provide solution and support in an independent organization through which woman academicians, students and employees can directly communicate their complaints about this matter. With these boards, it is also possible to prevent attempts of commutation and ignorance by raising awareness in gender-based violence and sexual harassment.



Sexual Training, Treatment and Research Association (CETAD)

Turkish Neuropsychiatric Society

Psychiatric Association of Turkey