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    Training on Sexual Trauma and Trauma Therapies, is provided by Sexual Traumas Scientific Working Unit within our association.

    Training on Sexual Trauma and Trauma Therapies consists of 7 sessions each of which is held once a month and lasts for 8 hours in one day of weekend. The training includes basic approach to mental trauma, psychosocial interventions, cognitive-behavioral therapy in mental trauma, extended exposure, dynamic-supportive psychotherapy, group therapy techniques, judicial approach, eclectic treatments and EMDR techniques, as well as sexual traumas and traumas caused by humans.

    We aim to create a competent and functional clinician group working in collaboration as a result of these trainings to be held with a team that consists of trainers who are experienced in the field of mental trauma under coordinatorship of Assoc. Prof. Münevver Yıldırım who is Working Unit Responsible and counseling of Prof. Dr. Şahika Yüksel and Prof. Dr. Ejder Akgün Yıldırım.

    Conditions for Participation:

    Psychiatrists/psychiatric assistant and psychologists with clinical experience who work on mental health and meet following conditions may participate in trainings. Following conditions must be met for participation. Experience in mental traumas and desire to work on this field will be a reason for preference.

    1. To have education and experience in basic psychotherapy received from institution of specialty (psychiatry-psychology) or another entity for all applicants (to have audited clinical experience in minimum one psychotherapy ecole)

    2. Compatibility to apply trauma therapy (respecting diversities in cultural and sexual life, non-discrimination in race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, political view, etc., developing ideas about prejudice on sexuality, empathizing, understanding and respecting different ones and being aware of his/her weaknesses and problems)

    3. To value harmlessness and benefit of patients above his/her interests, not to be imposed penalty for violation of medical ethics and no doubt to behave ethically

    4. To have motivation for training, take his/her job seriously and respect it

    5. To complete at least two years of specialty training in psychiatric assistants

    6. To work in the field for minimum 2 years after completing their undergraduate education for psychology graduates (Psychological Counseling and Guidance-PDR graduates must have psychology undergraduate equivalence or master degree in clinical psychology). Persons who have bachelor’s degree in different departments are not accepted in this training even if they have master degree in psychology. for PDR graduates, it is required to work as a psychologist or in a duty corresponding to psychologist regardless of undergraduate period) To have advanced clinical experience in the field of mental health for psychologists (and PDR graduates who meet the conditions. Here, candidate is required to work in a psychiatric hospital, psychiatry service and/or a polyclinic of a hospital having psychiatry service for a sufficient time to diagnose and distinguish important psychiatric disorders (It is asked to have active experience in hospital even if he/she completed master degree or doctorate program in the field of clinical psychology).

    By applying, each candidate is deemed to have accepted all conditions above and any decision to be taken on training.

    Titles of the Training Program


    Training Organization Board: Şahika Yüksel, Ejder Akgün Yıldırım, Münevver Yıldırım

    Coordinator: Münevver Yıldırım (CETAD Sexual Traumas Working Unit)


    Module 1

    Basic Concepts: Sexual Trauma, Female Mental Health and Trauma, Neurobiology, Approach to Trauma:

    Trainers: Şahika Yüksel, Münevver Yıldırım, Leyla Gülseren, Lale Tırtıl Ejder Akgün Yıldırım, 


    Module 2

    Intervention to Trauma in the Acute Period, Beginning Sessions and Treatment Planning

    Trainers: Şahika Yüksel, Münevver Yıldırım, Ejder Akgün Yıldırım, Ayşe Devrim Başterzi,


    Module 3

    Cognitive-Behavioral Treatments in Trauma

    Trainers: Münevver Yıldırım, Tamer Aker


    Module 4

    Extended Exposure Treatment in Trauma

    Trainers: Levent Sütçügil


    Module 5

    Dynamic-Oriented Supportive Treatments and Group Therapies in Trauma

    Trainers: Cem Kaptanoğlu, Ejder Akgün Yıldırım, Şahika Yüksel


    Module 6

    Judicial Approach to Mental Trauma, Disasters, Childhood Sexual Traumas 

    Trainers:, Ufuk Sezgin, Lale Tırtıl,  Münevver Yıldırım, Süleyman Çakıroğlu


    Module 7

    EMDR Treatment in Trauma

    Trainers: Burhanettin Kaya