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    Sexual Training, Treatment and Research Association (CETAD) was established by experienced psychiatrist and psychologist who work in the field of sexuality in 1998. Today, aim of our association which has many members from various health care service providers is to contribute to sexual training and development of sexual health of the society, coordinate among professionals from different disciplines focused on sexuality, train health care professionals in the subject of sexual treatments, ensure sexual treatments in our country are applied in accordance with scientific standards and codes of conduct, support studies conducted on sexuality and contribute to sensitivity and awareness of the society on sexual health.

    CETAD Codes of Conduct were adopted at our General Assembly on February 13, 2002 as a result of our sensitive determination on application of sexual treatments within scientific criteria and codes of conduct in our country. We work in collaboration with the Turkish Medical Association and Psychiatric Association of Turkey on this matter. Many events were held in collaboration with working units and commissions of these entities. CETAD has been member of Mental Health Platform which was established in leadership of the Turkish Neuropsychiatric Society and Psychiatric Association of Turkey and constituted by associations working on mental health in our country. Collaboration has been established with scientific entities who operate at global scale in line with similar goals. CETAD was accepted as one of two members of the World Association for Sexual Health from Turkey in the 16th World Sexology Congress which was held in Cuba in March 2003. It has been member of EFS (European Federation of Sexology) since 2008.

    As of establishment of our association, we organize congresses and scientific meetings periodically. You can see details of our congress and meeting programs at our Web page under the heading of congresses.

    Since 2001, we have been preparing training modules in order to equip health care service providers with contemporary and scientific standards on the concept of sexuality, approach to sexual disorders requiring training and experience, and treatment of these disorders. We are the first institution which raises sex therapists in Turkey with our wide training team consisting of psychiatrists, psychologists, urologists, gynecologists, lawyers and family physicians who are experienced in their fields and with our standard training program which is updated periodically. We apply a standard training package which consists of 3 successive modules and 2 sections in total. Applicant must send his/her professional background, his/her thoughts about reasons for receiving sexual therapy training and all contact addresses to [email protected] Sexual Therapy Training. You can get further information about training at our Web page under the heading of training.

    We have been providing CETAD Trauma Trainings consisting of 8 modules and supervisions on mental traumas, as well as on sexual traumas since 2017. Detailed information is shared under the heading of training.

    Projects and Researches. Project “Advocacy in the Field of Sexual and Reproductive Health through National and Local Media”: We conducted the project named “Advocacy in the Field of Sexual and Reproductive Health through National and Local Media” which is financed by the European Commission and supported by the T.R. Ministry of Health within the scope of Reproductive Health Program for one year on the dates between June 15, 2006 - June 15, 2007 under leadership of Assoc. Prof. Cem İncesu by adopting the slogan “LIFE-TIME SEXUAL HEALTH... IS YOUR RIGHT!” Within the scope of this project, we prepared 8 information files which are also available at our website, media guide titled ‘Sexual Life and Problems’ and books ‘Sexual Health - Reproductive Health Research 2006’. Sexual and Reproductive Health Research 2006 was conducted within the scope of the project named “Advocacy in the Field of Sexual and Reproductive Health through National and Local Media”, which is financed by the European Union and supported by the T.R. Ministry of Health in the framework of Reproductive Health Program of Turkey. You can get details of researches and information files at our Web page under the heading of library.

    CETAD is primarily focused on three fields. The first one, which is relatively a short-term goal, is to try to train professionals working on sexuality appropriately according to contemporary and scientific standards and prevent unethical attempts in this fields. Our second goal is contribution to development of knowledge and experiences of physicians and other health care personnel who do not work on sexual disorders, but face such problems on appropriate, accurate and ethical approach. Our third goal, which is long-term and significant by our opinion, is to inform the public about sexual / reproductive health, correct common wrong beliefs and attitudes and reduce sexual discrimination.